Licensed Home Inspector

John Schreiber

North Carolina Home Inspector

Home Inspector with contractor experience

John Schreiber’s Inspector Qualifications

John Schreiber is WNC’s owner/inspector. He has been a licensed general contractor in North Carolina since 1995. He decided that home inspecting would be a perfect fit for his background and began transitioning into the inspection industry. With almost three decades of experience under his belt, you can rely on John to tell you the truth about your future house. His qualifications include:

  • North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector #5270
  • General Contractor License #73774
  • Protected by Errors & Omissions/General Liability Insurance
  • Follows all of North Carolina’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

Building Types We Inspect

John has worked on every type of residential building during the past 27+ years. He’s brought that experience to Home Inspections of WNC, where he inspects the following:  

  • Homes of all Values
  • Condominiums
  • Townhomes

After he’s done inspecting your home, he’ll provide you with an inspection report. This report will detail every item that has an issue with it. He also provides video with each inspection, thereby giving you a close look at what areas need to be repaired.

WNC Residential Home Inspector
Drone Home Inspector

Special Industry Tools

Fully inspecting your home requires John to utilize some special industry tools. In addition to the items listed below, John will inspect every aspect of your home that can be seen and accessed. This combination of a visual examination and tools ensures you receive the most thorough inspection report possible. 

Aerial Drone Photography – Whether your future home has a bad roof or there are weather issues, you’re still going to receive a complete inspection of your roof! We utilize an aerial drone to assist us with this process. The drone captures imagery of the roof, and we’re able to put together a complete list of any issues by reviewing it.

Moisture Meter – One of the most common issues that people need to look out for is the presence of any moisture in their future home. Fortunately, we use a moisture meter to detect if any exists. Even better, we also use the moisture meter to look for any related accumulations of mold. 

John’s Time Off 

John truly enjoys general contracting and inspecting homes. When he’s not doing these things, his favorite thing to do is spend time in the great outdoors.